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Jeff Cash with Sponsored Haiti Child

Jeff Cash is a friend of Light from Light who lives in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Jeff has served on mission trips in Haiti and has been generously sponsoring children since January 2018. We are so grateful for his support and his willingness to share his sponsorship story with us.

You can learn more about Light from Light’s Child Sponsorship Program and how you too can be a light for a child in Haiti here.

Jeff Cash’s Sponsorship Story

A couple of years ago, I was invited by a friend, John Wrenn, to join him and a group of others on a trip to Haiti with an organization that he loved, Light from Light. I had no idea how life-changing these days in Haiti would be for me. When I first arrived and drove from the airport to the clinic, I remember being overwhelmed by the poverty that I saw. What is more, I remember feeling sad, shocked, and helpless because of the lack of change that I thought I could bring to so many needs. As these feelings started to overwhelm, we drove onto the campus of Lespwa Timoun. I quickly knew the work being done at Lespwa Timoun was making real, practical, and eternal impacts after only a few short hours with Carmel, Pere Val, TJ, and everyone else at the Lespwa Timoun Clinic. It was there that I saw the practical steps these saints were taking to change the future of this seemingly hopeless country. I quickly realized it was about the children – it was about changing the future of Haiti through its children and through nutrition, education, and of course, the power of the Lord.

After having the privilege of visiting several of the communities around the country in which Lespwa Timoun was doing work, I was able to meet many of the families, and specifically the children, that Light from Light was impacting. I immediately knew that I wanted to get involved too. I remembered hearing a quote earlier that year at a seminar I was attending for work that stated, “Children are the messengers we will send to a time we will never see.” I knew at that moment that the way to change a seemingly hopeless future was through the restoration of hope in the children of the present. The work being done by Light from Light was just this! Light from Light was positively and eternally shaping and changing the future of Haiti through the care and love of its children.

“Children are the messengers we will send to a time we will never see.” 

Neil Postman

When I came home, I began to share my experiences with my employees at the Chick-fil-A restaurant I owned in North Myrtle Beach, SC. As I shared the story of how God changed me that week, I began to notice their excitement around getting involved too. With that, we decided as a restaurant to raise money throughout the year in order to sponsor as many children as we could. Our employees would donate their own money into a box that we had in our office, and my wife and I would match each donation that they made. As a team, we have been able to sponsor six children so far each year!

This past year, I had the unique opportunity to go back to Haiti and visit each of these six children. I was able to see first hand the large impact that our small sponsorship was making. I saw these children attending school, eating a healthy meal, and even taking part in a medical clinic that the team at Lespwa Timoun provided. I saw healthy, vibrant, smart, and happy children – children who were being cared for through the work of Light from Light and Lespwa Timoun. Moreover, I saw children who would one day be the world changers and influencers that Haiti needed. I saw firsthand how our simple financial commitment is having a life and country altering impact.

I saw firsthand how our simple financial commitment is having a life and country altering impact.

Jeff Cash on meeting the children he sponsors

I highly encourage everyone to get involved here! This is an organization that is making a true positive impact on the future of Haiti, and ultimately the kingdom of God. These children deserve hope, and we have the opportunity to provide it. I can say, with full confidence, that every dollar given is going to a reputable, loving, caring, and great organization. Every dollar has a direct and eternal impact on the children of Haiti, who so desperately need it. Let’s work together today to positively impact the future of Haiti, one child at a time!


Jeff Cash

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