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Sustainer’s Society

Good for Light from Light

We call our monthly donors “Sustainers” because they do exactly that – they sustain us throughout the year when other gifts ebb and flow. 

Our Sustainers are those who provide for the work of our partners in Haiti as they are delivering medical care and nutritional support through the clinic’s doctors, nurses, and health workers. 

Good for You

All of Light from Light’s donors matter!  However, our Sustainers are so dear to us that we enjoy responding to their commitment with the following:

  • A quarterly newsletter dedicated specifically to our Sustainers!  It’s some “inside scoop” of what’s happening in Haiti and in the life of Light from Light.
  • Access to a once-annual phone conference with Carmel Valdema for a live report from Haiti.
  • Early notifications and “early bird” prices for all Light from Light events.
  • The opportunity to join Sustainer’s Society-exclusive mission trips.
Your gift makes a difference

These images give an idea of how significant monthly gifts are and the impact your monthly gift could make in Haiti!

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Now more important than ever

COVID-19 Update: We Stand Together

Click the button below to read our latest blog post to learn how COVID-19 is affecting our friends in Haiti, and why your monthly support is more crucial now than ever.

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