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Over the past few weeks, we’ve all seen how this virus affects the lives of people of every race, creed, nationality and economic status across the globe, and we’re sad to share that Haiti is no exception.  For the first time, those of us living in developed countries have a shared understanding of what it’s like to live with epidemic illness.  

As of March 24, the country had 7 confirmed cases of COVID-19, but with only 44 testing kits available, the true scope of the virus’s impact is unknown. These cases are spread across three departments (like our states), including the Ouest Department, home to our partners at the Lespwa Timoun (“Hope for Children”) clinic. 

Haiti has acted quickly, closing ports, airports and schools; however, we know that overcrowding in the capital city allows the opportunity for rapid spread.  A true epidemic could be disastrous.  As of last year, the country had 124 ICU beds for a population of 10 million people.  Haiti is already on the margin after a year of political turmoil and COVID-19 will in all likelihood lead to crisis levels of malnutrition among children.   

It’s in times like these that the work of the Lespwa Timoun clinic is most critical.

In addition to the lifesaving medical and nutrition services they provide every day, the staff at the clinic are working to prepare the communities they serve for what is to come by training medical staff, setting up makeshift handwashing stations called “Tippy Taps,” and continuing to operate their nutrition program in anticipation of further food insecurity. 

Resources in Haiti are scarce, but hope remains abundant. Your support will enable us to continue to provide care for Haitians, even in the midst of a global crisis. 

In these uncertain times when so much is out of our control, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless to affect change, but when you join Light from Light’s Sustainer’s Society by becoming a monthly giver, you can feel confident that your generosity is helping us save the lives of our friends in Haiti.

Please consider making a monthly commitment to support the poor and vulnerable! Click the logo below to learn more about Light from Light’s Sustainer’s Society.

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