About Us

At Light from Light, we are on a mission with our partners. 


Our mission is to strengthen the foundations of progress in Haitian communities, empowering local leaders for long-lasting change.


Our vision is of a day when there is a healthy, self-sustaining rhythm of life for Haitian communities.  

Core Beliefs

We are called by Christ. 

Our beliefs are our motivation, not our mission.

We must first seek to understand.

Haitians live in poverty, but can be rich within.

Communities are best served by strong local leaders and vision.


Donors: Light from Light can be relied on to identify, encourage, and advance the work of capable local leaders who consistently build and sustain progress in communities of extraordinary poverty.

Volunteers: For those with hearts and hands ready to serve, Light from Light offers a community experience where you can contribute to meaningful change and experience the richness of spirit that persists even in the most poverty-stricken communities.

Communities: Light from Light can be depended on as a humble, reliable friend who will bring resources, expertise, and helping hands to our shared mission. 

Light from Light

Light from Light