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So You’re Ready to Help…

We are excited that you’re ready to jump in! Here’s why:

  • Haiti is closer than you think!  In fact, it’s in the eastern time zone and a direct flight from many international airports;

  • We know your time is precious. We agree! That’s why we have several ways to get involved that don’t require a PTO request. 

  • In Haiti, 60% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. Every dollar you donate contributes to true life change.

  • The leaders at Lespwa Timoun are rich in faith and people of integrity. We are proud to partner with them and know that you will be too.  

Ultimately, we are convinced that no other investment you make will see the same life change as an investment in Light from Light and Lespwa Timoun.

Get involved:

Go to Haiti
Sponsor a Child
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