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Empowering Local Leaders

We empower local leaders in the following ways:

Medical Clinic

Lespwa Timoun, a Haitian Certified NGO and Health Provider, is led by founder Carmel Valdema, RN, who is an experienced, respected community health leader.  The leadership of Light from Light has worked with Carmel for more than 30 years. 

We are proud that the Haitian government regularly turns to Lespwa Timoun to fill gaps that its own resources cannot cover.  We and the Haitian community know this organization is a provider of compassionate care with deep impact for the Haitian people.


Lespwa Timoun Clinic trains and equips traditional birth attendants (midwives) to serve in the mountains of Crochu and Boucan Boyer.  These skilled attendants can recognize and address complications during births in their mountain communities, which is a valuable expertise in the nation with the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the Western hemisphere.  

With Light From Light’s support, Lespwa Timoun holds monthly training for attendants and provides delivery kits and supplies needed for at home births.

Community Education

Haitians who are eager to learn and improve life for their families hold the greatest promise for spreading progress in their homes and communities.  To empower these individuals, we support Lespwa Timoun’s outreach education programs, which include classes on proper personal hygiene and medical topics such as high blood pressure, diabetes, STD/AIDS, hand washing, drinking potable water and nutrition.

Community Health Workers

In order for Lespwa Timoun’s physicians to have a farther, more consistent reach, we partner with Community Health Workers – individuals who live in the rural, mountain communities, who are able to deliver health interventions at the moment when they are most needed

Nearly 100% of the time, a mom will be able to diagnose when her child has diarrhea.  However, the diagnosis is not helpful unless an intervention is available for that child.  By equipping community health workers with medications and interventions that will be effective in treating the most common diseases in these regions, Lespwa Timoun can save lives in partnership with local leaders.  

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