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Strengthening Infrastructure

We support strengthening intrastructure in the following ways:

Clean Water

Close to 70% of Haitians lack direct access to clean, safe drinking water.  Women and young girls, particularly in rural areas, are responsible for walking to the nearest stream or pond, sometimes miles away, to retrieve water for their families. This water carries water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid and can lead to chronic diarrhea.  

At the Lespwa Timoun clinic, where we treat these diseases, we have built a deep-water well, water tank and septic system to provide clean water for patients.  We also provide clean water education and build latrines to prevent water contamination for community schools and remote villages.

Moringa Project

The moringa tree, also known as the “miracle tree,” has been identified as a potential solution to two of Haiti’s biggest problems – malnutrition and deforestation.  Less than 2% of Haiti’s land is forested, leaving the country especially vulnerable to natural disasters. Planting moringa trees helps address erosion, grows quickly even in drought conditions and offers rich nutrition – protein, calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins A and C.

Light from Light has piloted a moringa project for the remote Crochu village area, distributing and planting 2,500 of the trees to give the community a self-sustaining source of nutrition and environmental protection.

Building Projects

When construction needs arise, Light from Light responds with the resources for materials, pay for local construction workers, and mission teams to assist in the manual labor.  Among the many projects we have completed over the last five years are major initiatives like schools, churches, and the Lespwa Timoun clinic itself. Light from Light has also participated in infrastructure projects such as rural roads, latrines and wells, as well as smaller, targeted needs like school desks, church benches and pharmacy shelves.

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