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Over the past 15 years, Lespwa Timoun’s Nutrition Program has grown from serving 760 children in 2003 to providing life saving nutrition and medical care to over 4,700 last year. Carmel’s dream of a place where all children could be well cared for has become a reality. Thanks to the clinic building that opened its doors 5 years ago and support from friends like you, that dream has been able to expand and grow in ways that benefit the whole community. In 2018, God used Lespwa Timoun to bless thousands as the clinic staff worked to create a healthier Haiti through both curative and preventative healthcare.

Doctors and nurses at Lespwa Timoun are currently caring for an average of 50 patients a day through the outpatient clinic in Croix-des-Bouquets, and have provided over 14,000 patients consults over the past year.  Thanks to Lespwa Timoun, these patients have access to triage services, pharmacy and laboratory, and trained medical care providers.

Lespwa Timoun also offers prenatal, postnatal, and general OBGYN care both at the clinic in Croix-des-Bouquets and two mobile locations. The remote mountain village of Crochu has been especially blessed by these services. Before beginning mobile clinics in Crochu, the women in this community had no access to prenatal or postnatal care. Now, Lespwa Timoun doctors and health workers travel to Crochu once a month to provide this care for new and expectant mothers.

Lespwa Timoun has also trained and certified 24 midwives who work in Crochu. These dedicated men and women provide prenatal, delivery and postnatal care to mothers and new babies in the area. In the past year alone, Lespwa Timoun’s midwives have helped mothers through 159 deliveries, including healthy sets of twins and triplets. The work of these midwives is so crucial to the health of mothers and their children in Crochu, especially since, barring an emergency situation,  all the children that are born in this rural community are delivered at home.

In Haiti, few have access to medical care, and because of limited resources, most resort to the care of a doctor only in an emergency. Lespwa Timoun, however, is working to change this reactive approach to healthcare by focusing on preventative care like immunizations, community education, and screening for chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes .

In the past year, about 7,500 children received much needed vaccinations, and mobile clinics allowed the Lespwa Timoun medical staff to provide primary health care to over 2,600 patients in 12 isolated communities, and carry out prevention activities to reduce the risk of chronic disease and the transmission of infectious disease. Proper medical care for these chronic conditions like HTP and diabetes is crucial in preventing much more serious issues down the road like blood clots and even blindness. This is especially critical in a country like Haiti where hospitals are so underfunded, patients are required to provide their own medications

Thank you to everyone who gave of their time, talents, finances, and prayers in 2018. Without your support and God’s faithfulness, none of this would be possible. Be sure to check out this 2017-2018 Report for an overview of Lespwa Timoun’s programs and the work they’ve accomplished in the past year, and join us in praying that God blesses Light from Light and our partner clinic, Lespwa Timoun, in 2019.

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