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Staff Spotlight: Jean Roudy Abellard

For the past year, Jean Roudy Abellard has been serving as the Coordinator for Light from Light’s Child Sponsorship Program. Roudy is the eyes, ears, and hands of the Child Sponsorship Program in Haiti, and works very closely with our U.S. based team to ensure the program is running smoothly. In his role as Child Sponsorship Program Coordinator, Roudy is responsible for making face-to-face contact with the heads of the schools we partner with in Bouzi and Boucan Boyer in order to make sure the children in the program are attending school and have what they need to succeed. He’s also in charge of helping over 160 children write letters to their sponsors. If you’ve ever received a letter from the child you sponsor through our program, you can be sure Roudy took the time to sit down with that child, read them your letter, and help them craft a response.

Roudy’s impressive grasp of the English language has been a huge asset to the Child Sponsorship Program, both in translating sponsor letters and serving as a liaison between Light from Light’s U.S. team and the Haitians we partner with and serve. But this isn’t the first time Roudy has used his language skills to serve Light from Light. If you’ve ever been on a mission trip with us, you may have met Roudy when he was interpreting for your team. Roudy has been working as an interpreter for Light from Light’s mission teams since 2014, and has been a huge help in ensuring patients at mobile medical and dental clinics are able to communicate their needs to the doctors, nurses and dentists who come to Haiti to help them.

Roudy grew up in Haiti and is the youngest of 6 children, with four half-sisters and one half-brother. When he’s not hard at work with the Child Sponsorship Program or studying to receive his Bachelors Degree in Political Science, Roudy enjoys reading, singing, and listening to music.

When asked about what inspires him to do this job, Roudy shared, “I have always loved and wanted to work with the mission and the communities. I strongly believe that education is the best way to help the community grow in dignity.” We couldn’t agree more, and in a country where around 20% of children aren’t enrolled in school, and 59% of those who do attend don’t graduate primary school, the work Roudy is doing through the Child Sponsorship Program is crucial to building up these impoverished communities and creating a firm foundation for Haiti’s next generation.

Roudy has been an incredible asset, a hard worker, and a great friend. We’re so grateful to have him as a part of our Light from Light team, and for all his does for the children in our Child Sponsorship Program.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a child, visit https://lightfromlight.childsponsorshipservices.org/home to learn more about how you can be a light for the future for a child in Haiti.

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