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Staff Spotlight: Michelande Pierre

Michelande Pierre has been the accountant for our partner, the Lespwa Timoun (“Hope for Children”) Clinic, since August 2016. Michelande is responsible for tracking income and expenses in QuickBooks and preparing payroll for the Lespwa Timoun staff. She also prepares financial reports and works closely with our US team and our Child Sponsorship Program Coordinator in Haiti to ensure your generous donations are being handled responsibly and transparently.¬†With 90 cents out of every $1 from Light from Light going directly to programs in Haiti last year, Michelande is a crucial team member not only to Lespwa Timoun, but to Light from Light.

Michelande shared that her favorite memory from working at Lespwa Timoun was from about a month after she’d joined the organization when she met a severely malnourished child who was entering the clinic’s Nutrition Program. She was struck by his condition and became worried about his chances of survival, but when she asked the clinic’s administrator, Emilio, if the little boy was going to make it, he responded that yes, this was a simple case. When Michelande asked Emilio for news of the child three months later, she was surprised to see all the change the boy had made during such a short period of time. “I told him that there really is hope here for the children,” she recalled. “The name really corresponds to the work.” Seeing first-hand the hope that the Nutrition Program brought to this child and his family in an otherwise seemingly hopeless situation was a great source of inspiration for Michelande in her role at the clinic going forward.

Michelande is a woman of great faith and intellect, and enjoys reading and doing research in her free time. When asked what motivates her to do her job, Michelande replied that it was the collaboration with the clinic staff and how much she enjoys the work she does.

We think it’s telling of her character that when asked to share one thing that she wants to make sure people know about her, Michelande replied simply, “my honestly.” It’s truly a blessing to have Michelande as a part of our team. We’re so grateful for all she does for Lespwa Timoun and Light from Light, and are so proud of the work Michelande is doing to help create long-lasting, positive change in her community.

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