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At Light from Light, one of our favorite things to do is to host short-term mission teams in Haiti. Something magical happens when you get to see the work of the Lespwa Timoun Clinic in action: an exchange of community with new friends in Haiti that leads to long-term heart change. Over the last 15 years, countless teams (ranging from small teams of 2 to big groups of 12) have blessed Light from Light with the gift of their time and their talents. From doctors and dentists, to teachers and parents, to business people and engineers…here in Haiti there is a seat for everyone at the table.  

Since (for the foreseeable future) international travel to Haiti is off the table, we are doing our best to bring Haiti to you through Haiti at Home. This PDF is meant for people of all ages.  It includes activities for young children, games to get kids moving, a family devotional, songs, videos, and, of particular interest to anyone 15+, a Summer Reading Book Club (more details below). 

Especially for families with kids at home who, all of a sudden, don’t have camps and activities that get them out the door…our hope is that these activities will spark conversations that make you feel close to Haiti culturally, despite being far away physically. 

We encourage you to download and engage whichever parts of the document suit your interests. Let us know if you find the packet meaningful! It is our sincere hope that we provide you with relevant Haiti content as we stay physically separated for now.  

Download Haiti at Home

Book Club will be facilitated by Dr. Tram Jones, who currently lives in Haiti and works at the Lespwa Timoun Clinic. Mountains Beyond Mountains was personally impactful for Dr. Jones and, we think, will be powerful for you to read as well! It is both founded in statistics and full of personal testimony.

We hope you’ll join us for rich conversation and community as your schedule allows.  It’s FREE to participate, so click the registration button below if you want more information, including how to sign up! 

Register for Book Club

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